Advertising is on its deathbed and will not survive long, having contracted a fatal case of new technology”. Roland. T. Rust and Richard Oliver.

This is a false alert. The days when advertising was limited to television and newspaper expressions are long gone. As it is, new and more innovative methods of advertising services have sprung up. People are now looking for new type of advertising appeal that they can target. Some of these trends are just novel ideas that transformed mudane advertising media into brilliant and witting methods which include propaganda devices.

Have you ever purchase something that your friend recommended? It does make you feel secure and safe knowing that your friend was happy with the product or service.

It is the same when a past customer tells others how great the service of a particular company is. It gives people  that feeling of security and a reason to go ahead and purchase that particular product without reservation.

That is the work of testimonials. There can be no better advertising than the word of mouth, people who have been certified as customers talking about the products they have enjoyed to other people.

Top companies in the world like Microsoft are using this strategy very effectively featuring their “high-end” customers talking about their product. When customers who have used a product and been satisfied with it favorably endorses it, it is called “testimonial Advertising”.

It can otherwise be referred to as endorsement. This endorsement can come in different forms like radio or television advert, bill boards, etc but the individual giving the testimonial has to be a very important person or someone holding an important position. It is in most cases usually done a celebrity.

Testimonial advertising comes about to bring in the most important factor of a influencing a customer into trying a product since it has been praise a satisfied customer who is also someone important.

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